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Sharing contents with smartphone and tablet

Share content between multiple people simultaneously

Thanks to nuiSense business your visitors can transfer the material viewed directly on their own tablets or smartphones, without installing any App on their devices.

No matter what device your visitors have, because they just need a browser to transfer contents. The file sharing feature of nuiSense business has been tested on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablet.

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How it works

How it works

Thanks to WiFi technology you can make available your content directly on smartphones and tablets. Simply by scanning a QR code or by entering a web address people can navigate your content on their mobile devices without having to install any app.


Collaborate and share

Collaborate and share

You can configure nuiSense business in collaborative mode to decide for yourself what content to send to that mobile. The software will show the representation of the smartphone where you can send content you are watching.

Use cases

On my interactive storefront window

People can interact with your products at any time of the day thanks to an interactive multi touch storefront window. With device interaction feature people can now display on their devices your catalogs, images and video, and take off the content they care about. If you want you can also provide to your customers a free social WiFi through Facebook WiFi.

Fairs and events

By sharing content feature just stops paper catalogs. Your visitors can easily take home on their devices the contents you have made available to them. nuiSense business helps effectively to save printing costs and safeguard the environment.

In my learning center

You can make available any time the course material in your learning center. Instead of distributing CD \ DVD you can allow visitors to save material directly on their mobile devices or laptops.

In my enterprise

During meetings or in every day work you can immediately share office documents, PDFs or other files between all participants in the meeting. So you can boost the propagation of information in the company and at the end of meeting will not have to waste time on send email to participants to share slides and documents. Make now your company digital!

For my sales force

You can install nuiSense business on the tablets of your sales accounts that can directly share documents and product catalogs with customers. An easy way to gain new customers.