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power point to html5 software

Interact with your Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations

Now you can present your Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides in a more engaging way thanks to nuiSense business. You can import your PowerPoint documents and make them available during the presentation as other content that the software supports, your slides will keep all the original effects and animations. Available soon.

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Convert and import your PowerPoint presentations

Office PowerPoint documents are converted to a proprietary format that uses HTML5 to make them interactive as the other supported content. The conversion tool can be installed on any PC running Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 or higher. You can also use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 with the add-in "Save as PDF or XPS" installed. Compatibility with the 99% of PowerPoint documents.

Download Office PowerPoint To HTML5 Conversion Tool



Interact with your slides

Office PowerPoint documents once converted can be viewed within the application created by nuiSense business without having Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on your device. The slides can be resized, dragged and rotated like other content and keep all the original animations.