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Create Touch Interactive Experiences for your Digital Kiosk

Create your interactive catalog with the "Touch Catalog" of nuiSense business. It is really easy to create a navigation path for your users, and load photos, videos and documents to display and interact with. An innovative way to showcase your products and informations.

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Choose your contents

Choose your contents

You can easily and in a few minutes choose the images, videos and PDF documents to be displayed from a local folder, from USB or a network folder. Thanks to nuiSense business you can also load your contents from the Cloud, via Microsoft OneDrive.



Customize the theme of your application

Choose the theme and colors best suited to your brand, you can also decide what to display during the idle time of your touch application.


Start automatically

Automatically start of your application

Your application can be automatically started when the digital signage display starts by using the "Assigned Access" feature of Windows Pro 8.1 (or higher) and Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry. Anyone can do it! In this mode users cannot close the software.



Start your touch experience

Start your application to easily interact with the content you have loaded. Follow the navigation path you created, look and resize images, videos and browse the documents.

Totem touch

For public spaces

Outdoor totem

For external uses

Tablet Windows 8

For sales

Monitor touch

For events & fairs