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multi touch software for Windows 10

The Multi Touch Software to Present, Share and Collaborate

nuiSense business is the multi touch software solution that turns your images, videos and documents in an interactive and engaging experience. Easly create reliable multi touch applications with no need of programming, in a while and spending less.

With nuiSense business you can inform, do brainstorming, digital storytelling or create interactive and collaborative touch applications capturing the attention of your audience. Through the use of visual content people can focus on the goals of your presentation. Make yourself your own interactive story.

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windows 10

Compatible with any touch devices

Fully compatible with touch displays, tablets, multi touch tables, wideo walls and touch foils that runs on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface Hub

microsoft onedrive

Fully cloud integrated

Load your media locally, from usb, network share or cloud using Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Azure File Storage

4k UHD resolution

Works on any resolutions

4K UHD screens are fully supported, vertically and horizontally oriented

One software, many touch applications

One application, more features


Thanks to Kiosk-Mode feature you can make your multi touch application suitable for use in public spaces and unsupervised. Users can interact with your application in absolute freedom, it will be impossible to close the software.

Object recognition

Draw people's curiosity with the recognition of the objects. Apply a simple NFC tag on your products that nuiSense business can recognize. By placing the object close to the NFC chip, nuiSense business will automatically show the contents you associated. You can also do it using badge or NFC card in PVC.

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Device interaction

Thanks to nuiSense business your visitors can transfer the material viewed directly on their own tablets or smartphones, without installing any App on their devices.

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Secondary screen projection

With nuiSense business you can send images and videos on a secondary display, a TV or a video wall. Thanks to the projection queue users will be able to send more content to be tailed one at a time. Connect a second screen is really easy, you can do it via HDMI cable, WiDi and DLNA.

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Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Directly view in nuiSense business your PowerPoint presentations created with Office without the need to have Microsoft Office installed on the presentation device. Microsoft Office is a prerequisite only for the computer that you use to make the conversion. Your slide will keep all the original animations.

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Better ideas


Increase sales


Immersive experiences


Faster learning


Engaging speach

Events & Fairs

Traffic stopper

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